Water Damage

There are numerous kinds of water damage you could face. Let us assist in completing your claim for insurance coverage on water damage.

Water damage includes:

  • Refrigeration appliance leaks

  • water damage mold clean-up claim

  • Sewage overflows or backup

  • General plumbing issues 

  • The Kitchen Plumbing Leak Claim

  • Bathroom Water damage

  • Roof leak water damage


Water damage is relatively frequent and can cause damage to electronic equipment, wood fixtures, flooring, carpet furniture, baseboards, furniture finishing, and bedding. Water exposure-related losses are the most common type of claim to encounter the most. 


Here's a list of typical insurance claims, according to insurer reports-

  • Roof leaks / Ceiling leaks

  • Ceiling damage

  • Sewer Line Damage

  • Water heater bursts

  • Broken drain lines

  • Broken supply lines

  • Broken angle stops

  • A/C Unit leak


Raise the settlement on your claim for water damage with us!


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