Hurricane Damage

The most dangerous natural threat to homeowners is the threat of a hurricane. A single storm can result in thousands of dollars of damages while also posing a physical threat to you and your family. These threats can include electricity, water, and the wind. 


Are you covered? Suppose you have a claim for hurricane damage or are preparing for the coming hurricane season. In that case, it's crucial to contact an experienced public adjuster in Philadelphia who can give you a complete comprehension of what you are covered. Our certified adjusters provide a free inspection and an arrangement with a dedicated claims representative.


Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim Public Adjuster in Philadelphia

At Citiwideadjuster, we cover all surrounding cities near Philadelphia, PA. Our team is well-organized and efficient in documenting the impact of hurricanes. Hurricanes are potent and can cause significant water damage, mold damage, flood damage, and structural damage. Do not attempt repairs until you've had your property examined.


Philadelphia Hurricane Damage Claim Experts

Citiwideadjuster caters to the surrounding areas across Philadelphia. Our claim adjusters have years of experience. They will assist you in understanding the insurance policy, which could prove to be an overwhelming job. We will ensure that you know the full scope of your insurance coverage. Citiwideadjuster is not a referral company, meaning that experienced, thoroughly chosen experts remediate all claims within our office.


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