Auto Damage

According to the cause of the damage, insurance companies often cover auto damage claims.

Car insurance policies often cover comprehensive loss from theft, fire, explosion, etc., and liability for physical injury and property damage resulting from an accident.


Therefore, if the damage was brought on by an accident or other substantial loss insured by the insurance, you may be able to claim engine repair.


Unfortunately, any engine damage resulting from normal wear and tear or mechanical failure will not be covered by insurance.


As a result, you can only make an engine damage claim if,


  • Unintentional force destroys the engine.

  • The engine burns up.

  • Vandals damage the engines of vehicles.

  • The engine quits while the car is submerged in water.

  • When an engine problem results in a car accident, the insurance will only pay for the accident; the fault will not be covered.


Getting paid for auto damage could be tricky. Hence call for professional public adjusters on board. 


Our expert public adjusters will not only settle your insurance claim and handle everything related but be with you till you get paid. We have a talented team that caters to auto damage insurance policies. At Citiwideadjuster in Philadelphia, we know the irony of getting paid on an auto damage insurance claim.


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